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This is a personal project, so I thank you sincerely for your interest.

Welcome to the official wikia for the Buzzard Roost, a roaring twenties-based noir story starring anthropomorphic birds. The main characters are detectives aiming to solve the mystery of the murder of Giovanni Altoviti, a white peacock mob boss of one of the five families residing in New York. Follow the clues with Raymond "Ray" McShane, the detective; Anita "Hibiscus" Delgado, the photographer; and Thoth Trismegistus, a journalist and known muckraker; to try and solve a cold case with more questions than answers. 

All characters, unless otherwise stated, are owned by myself (Vivian Vespera).

What is the Buzzard Roost?Edit

The Buzzard Roost is a comic-in-progress based in New York City during the middle of the 1920s, and doubles as the name of a fictional detective's agency in Brooklyn. The storyline revolves around a detective, Ray McShane, and his partners, Hibiscus Delgado and Thoth Trismegistus, attempting to solve an increasingly mysterious cold case murder of one Giovanni Altoviti. Supporting characters include the bombastic Horace "Mr. Buzzard" Wilkinson, the chief of the Buzzard Roost, and the reserved Alfred Schwarzwasser, a gardener turned informant from Germany.

The birds starring in this project are of kinds all over the world, meant to replicate the mass immigration from foreign countries coming into New York City during the 1920s. The birds include an Aquatic Warbler, a Common Magpie, a Black Swan, and a Turkey Vulture, amongst many others. Because all of these birds have origins from foreign countries, their ethnicities are replicated and retained in their character as part of their ancestry or their personal origin.

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